It's Time To Ditch The Brush.

Save that for your teeth; introducing your new effortless aligner & retainer cleaning routine.

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Founded by Dentists in Australasia

  • Founded by members of the

  • Cleans Aligners, Retainers, Dentures, Guards

  • One Touch 5-min Deep Clean

  • Powered By 45,000 Hz Vibrations

  • Founded By Dentists In Australasia

"I've been wearing Invisalign for over a year now and I can finally wear my retainer without it feeling so gross! I'd pop them in the cleaner while I shower and then it's all done!"

Siu Yau L - Verified Buyer

45,000Hz in action.

Watch as the ultrasonic waves break down plaque, bacteria, and stains, resulting in a spotless appliance. What's accumulating on your appliance?

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  • "As an Invisalign dentist myself undergoing Invisalign, this has been a life-changer for my patients and myself. It takes the hassle out of aligner maintenance and makes appliances look near new. I could never go back to using a brush."

    Dr. Marcus L (BDS) - NZ

  • "I fully recommend this to my patients. It's an effortless addition to daily oral care that improves the oral health of for those undergoing orthodontic treatment. We've seen it clean better than using a brush or tablet!"

    Dr. Michelle N (BDS) - Malaysia

  • "I could see how dirty my aligners would get but have no easy way to clean them. This solves the problem! you can see the dirt coming off in real time during the clean. Once the clean is done you can see a significant difference. They look and feel more hygienic now."

    Evangeline M - NZ

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Your Most Asked Questions.

How does it compare to other ultrasonic cleaners?

A: We have tested them all.

We've done the hard work for you. After extensive testing of the top 8 ultrasonic cleaners on the market, we found that many of them are overpriced and unaffordable, fail to clean effectively, utilize cheap materials, or break down after a few months of regular use.

After months of testing and feedback from real patients and dental professionals, we've developed a ultrasonic cleaner that offers clinical-level effectiveness and durability, built with premium quality materials. Trusted and sold at a large number of dental practices throughout Australia and New Zealand, Orthoclean is the only aligner cleaning solution founded and trusted by real dental professionals.  

Additionally, our cleaner utilizes more powerful 45kHz ultrasonic waves (most cleaners operate at 42kHz waves) to deliver a superior clean compared to other devices. To ensure your complete satisfaction, we also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee, making your purchase risk-free and a one-year extended warranty, guaranteeing quality you can trust.

Why should I choose this over brushing or using only cleaning tablets?

A: Toothbrushes do not effectively clean into the deep crevices on your appliance which results in bacteria & plaque accumulation over time, no matter how much you brush. It also causes abrasive damage which leads to scratches forming on your appliance, making them appear more cloudy and more prone to catching more plaque.

Cleaning tablets are only effective from a chemical standpoint. Similar to how mouthwash can't replace brushing your teeth, the mechanical action of cleaning from the ultrasonic cleaner is required to get into the deeper grooves and crevices.

What if it breaks, is there a warranty?

A: Yes! We want to ensure that you receive a high quality, effective product for long term use, therefore, our product comes with a complete 12 month warranty for non-accidental breakage.

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