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Orthoclean™ Ultrasonic Cleaner

Orthoclean™ Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Tired of brushing your aligner/retainer? — Say hello to Orthoclean for sparkling clean, plaque-free appliances.

Zero hassle, professional-grade appliance cleaning
Eliminates 'aligner odour' and plaque buildup
Removes food stains & discolouration
Expected Delivery: May 28 - May 31
Extended 1-Year Warranty
30-Day Returns Policy

How It Works

The Orthoclean Ultrasonic Cleaner employs high-frequency ultrasonic waves (45 kHz) to induce vibrations within the solution which disintegrates stains, bacteria, and plaque. This process known as 'cavitation' covers all surfaces and penetrates into deep crevices typically missed by brushing. Just add water and you're good to go!

Developed based on traditional dental instrument sterilization methods, our aim is to provide patients with a clinical level clean that is accessible and affordable, yet gentle on your appliance.


Fill it with water

Fill the tub 3/4ths of the way with water and plug the device in the wall socket.

Place your appliance in the water

Ensure the appliance is completely submerged and simply press the on button to start.

Replace the lid

The cleaner will undergo a deep clean cycle over 5 minutes, renewing your appliance. The cleaner will automatically stop when complete.

Enjoy your sparkling clean appliance!

Remove your renewed appliance from the device and rinse it with water. Drain and rinse the tub and leave to dry/wipe with a cloth.

Tip: For increased cleaning power and best results, please use the cleaner WITHOUT the basket.

Technical Specifications

The Orthoclean Ultrasonic Cleaner incorporates 2 auto-timer modes at 5 min and 10 min with built-in overheat protection.

Material: ABS, Stainless Steel
Tank Capacity: 200ml
Product Size: 107mm x 107mm x 94.5mm
Product N.W: 0.44kg
Control Type: Touch Button
Ultrasonic Frequency: 45kHz
Auto Timer: 5mins/10mins
Standard Power: 24W
Input: 100-240V~50/60Hz
Rated Voltage: DC 12V, 2A

Included: 1x Orthoclean Ultrasonic Cleaner, 1x Tank Basket, 1x Power Adaptor (AU Plug to USB-C)

Shipping & Returns

We offer free insured shipping for all orders. Order processing takes 1-3 business days before shipment. Once your item/s is dispatched, the estimated delivery time is 5 - 13 Business Days for all worldwide orders.

Not satisfied? You'll always have our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Email us at and we'll take it back and issue you a full refund. - No questions asked!

We want to ensure that you receive a high quality, clinical grade product for long term use, therefore, our product comes with a complete 12 month warranty covering any non-accidental, regular usage faults.

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  • Effectively & Gently Cleans Aligners, Retainers, Denture, Guards

  • One Touch 5-min Deep Clean Cycle

  • Powered By 45,000 Hz Ultrasonic Waves

  • Founded By Dentists

  • Food & Drink Stained Appliances

  • Cloudy, Plaque Contaminated Appliances

  • "As an Invisalign dentist myself undergoing Invisalign, this has been a life-changer for my patients and myself. It takes the hassle out of aligner maintenance and makes appliances look near new. I could never go back to using a brush."

    Dr. Marcus L (BDS) - NZ

  • "I fully recommend this to my patients. It's an effortless addition to daily oral care that improves the oral health of for those undergoing orthodontic treatment. We've seen it clean better than using a brush or tablet!"
    ‏‏‎Dr. Michelle N (BDS) - Malaysia

  • "I could see how dirty my aligners would get but have no easy way to clean them. This solves the problem! you can see the dirt coming off in real time during the clean. Once the clean is done you can see a significant difference. They look and feel more hygienic now."

    Evangeline M - NZ

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I avoid brushing or using only cleaning tablets?

A: Toothbrushes do not effectively clean into the deep crevices on your appliance which results in bacteria & plaque accumulation over time, no matter how much you brush. It also causes abrasive damage which leads to scratches forming on your appliance, making them appear more cloudy and more prone to catching more plaque.

Cleaning tablets are only effective from a chemical standpoint. Similar to how mouthwash can't replace brushing your teeth, the mechanical action of cleaning from the ultrasonic cleaner is required to get into the deeper grooves and crevices.

How does it compare to other ultrasonic cleaners?

A: We have listened, and we have delivered. Our aim was to develop an ultrasonic cleaner to be of clinical level effectiveness and built to last while also being affordable and accessible. Most ultrasonic cleaners we have tested either fail to clean effectively, utilize cheap materials, are overpriced, or break down after 1-2 months of regular use. Our ultrasonic cleaner utilizes more powerful 45kHz ultrasonic waves (most cleaners operate at 42kHz waves) to deliver a superior clean compared to other devices.

Will it remove ALL stains?

A: When it comes to ultrasonic cleaning, it’s important to note its limitations. This method might not be able to remove all types of stains, notably, clear appliances that undergo permanent chemical deformation. This can result in irreversible discoloration, making restoration to their original, new-like state difficult to achieve. To visualize, think of trying to clean a plastic container with sun damage that has turned yellow. No amount of soap or scrubbing can fully restore it to its original state.

In most instances, staining is a result of plaque or food debris which is easily removed with our cleaner; your appliance after our ultrasonic treatment will be as clean and hygienic as a new appliance. As a company founded by professionals, we prioritize complete transparency about our product line compared to our competitors.

Do I use it with or without the basket?

For easier access to the cleaned appliances, the basket may be used to retrieve the appliances, however, this is at the expense of cleaning power (more material being cleaned in the tank).

For increased cleaning power and best results, please use the cleaner WITHOUT the basket.

Will it damage my dental appliance?

A: No, the ultrasonic cleaning method is extremely gentle, non-toxic and entirely non-abrasive and is used regularly in the traditional dental sterilization workflow to clean a large range of materials including fragile items. Despite this, it is able to thoroughly clean the entire surface of the appliance without the use of harsh chemicals, just add water and you're good to go!

Is there a warranty?

A: Yes! We want to ensure that you receive a high quality, effective product for long term use, therefore, our product comes with a complete 12 month warranty for non-accidental breakage.

What Makes Orthoclean Special

Find out why you should choose Orthoclean instead of other ultrasonic cleaners.


Founded & Trusted By Dentists

Premium Quality

Extended 1 Year Warranty

Stronger 45,000Hz Waves

< 65dB Silent Operation

Overheat Protection

Higher Cost

"I've been wearing Invisalign for over a year now and I can finally wear my retainer without it feeling so gross! I'd pop them in the cleaner while I shower and then it's all done!"

Siu Yau L - Verified Buyer

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Ana Poporis

Really impressed with this product, my plate feels really clean. Highly recommend orthoclean.

Stephen Whorlow
Peace of mind

Its great peace of mind for me knowing my mouthguard is being cleaned properly after each use

Satanan Dokkaew
Very good

So clean after the first time

Totally amaze balls product!!

Thank you orthoclean. Best investment for my retainer. They are gleaming now!! Amaze balls!!

An awesome timesaver

Orthoclean has been such an awesome timesaver for my maintaining my retainers. I would recommend it to anyone who is using plastic retainers for their orthodontic maintenance. Far more gentle than using a toothbrush - better for longevity of the brace, and far more efficient than hand washing with detergent - literally hands free! I just put them in the cleaner before I shower and it's ready to be put in again after I'm done. One little caveat is that there is sometimes still a little bit of protein build-up left in the nooks when the brace comes out of water but a quick high-pressure rinse under the tap gets rid of it easily since it's already loosened by the ultrasonic waves. The effervescent tablets are great for a deep clean once a week and very satisfying to watch. I'm yet to try the foam cleanser but I'm very excited to do so on my OE later this year given the quality of the other products.

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