Q: What does the Orthoclean clean?

A: Orthoclean is able to effectively clean aligners/Invisalign, retainers, various guards such as night guards, bite planes/bite guards, dentures (plastic/acrylic and metal) and more. We have seen individuals use the device to clean jewelry and other accessories such as toothbrush heads with success, however, this is not what the Orthoclean is designed for. Please be aware that clear appliances undergoing permanent chemical deformation, leading to irreversible discoloration, may not be restorable to their original, new-like state.


Q: How does it compare to brushing or using cleaning tablets?

A: Toothbrushes do not effectively clean into the deep crevices on your appliance which results in bacteria & plaque accumulation over time, no matter how much you brush. It also causes abrasive damage which leads to scratches forming on your appliance, making them appear more cloudy and more prone to catching more plaque.

Cleaning tablets are only effective from a chemical standpoint. Similar to how mouthwash can't replace brushing your teeth, the mechanical action of cleaning from the ultrasonic cleaner is required to get into the deeper grooves and crevices.


Q: Will it remove ALL stains?

A: When it comes to ultrasonic cleaning, it’s important to note its limitations. This method might not be able to remove all types of stains, notably, clear appliances that undergo permanent chemical deformation. This can result in irreversible discoloration, making restoration to their original, new-like state difficult to achieve. To visualize, think of trying to clean a plastic container with sun damage that has turned yellow. No amount of soap or scrubbing can fully restore it to its original state. In most instances, staining is a result of plaque or food debris which is easily removed with our cleaner; your appliance after our ultrasonic treatment will be as clean and hygienic as a new appliance. As a company founded by professionals, we prioritize complete transparency about our product line compared to our competitors.


Q: Will it damage my dental appliance?

A: No, the ultrasonic cleaning method is entirely non-abrasive and is used regularly in the traditional dental sterilization workflow to clean a large range of materials including fragile items. Despite this, it is able to thoroughly clean the entire surface of the appliance.


Q: How does it compare to other ultrasonic cleaners?

A: We have listened, and we have delivered. Our aim was to develop an ultrasonic cleaner to be of clinical level effectiveness and built to last while also being affordable and accessible for patients. Most ultrasonic cleaners we have reviewed either fail to clean effectively, utilize cheap materials, are overpriced, or break down after 1-2 months of regular use. Our ultrasonic cleaner utilizes more powerful 45kHz ultrasonic waves (most cleaners operate at weaker 42kHz waves) to deliver a superior clean compared to other devices.


Q: Can I put more than one dental appliance in at a time?

A: Yes. Orthoclean is designed with the capacity to facilitate multiple appliance at once, however, ensure the water level are not excessive.


Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Yes! We want to ensure that you receive a high quality, effective product for long term use, therefore, our product comes with a complete 12 month warranty for non-accidental breakage.


Q: Is there the possibility of a bulk discount?

A: Certainly! If you are a dental professional, we'd love to partner with you. Please see our collaborations tab in the header or footer and get in contact with us for discounted rates and special perks.


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